Making films, telling stories, and building brands is what we do. In all of the other videos on this page, you can see what our work looks like. What you see here is the work getting done, and hopefully you can tell that while we work incredibly long hours, travel thousands of miles, and pour our heart and soul into every project, it simply doesn't feel like work to us.

At Rockhouse, we live by the mantra: "Take your work seriously, not yourself", watch this video and the others on our site, and you will see just exactly what that means, and why it is such a great philosophy.

As for the projects we are working on in this film, here are the links to some of them: - Benelli Ethos - Smith Elite Brand Video - Weatherby: LUKE - Trophy Ridge Revolution - Trophy Ridge React Technology - Bear Agenda 6 - A Deliberate Life

Song is "Mountain Sound" by Of Monsters and Men. No copyright infringement was intended with its use.

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