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Wedding Featured on EVENT DV Magazine
To read the article see scanned photos on album Or eventdv.net/Articles/Editorial/Features/The-Making-of-an-Epic-Wedding-Film-60884.htm

a making of an epic wedding film is an article that will talk in depths about the scale of production for filming multi-day regal weddings in Udaipur. Having shot there twice with a large crew/production, we felt it would be beneficial to share our experiences with other studios who may be planning to future wedding film projects in India. We have tried to highlight every aspect of our production to give readers a complete perspective on how one can prepare for projects like such.

A huge thanks to my team (list of crew on the article) Thank you all for working so hard as a team..and really pushing the boundaries at times for us.

Thanks to... Dilip bhai, Anil, shellu, vinesh, manoj, laxmi- You all worked round the clock for this project and made everything possible for us, while keeping our budgets in mind. Dilip bhai.. your involvement has been so invaluable on this project. We always look forward to working with you. I know you made every effort to ensure we had all we needed to complete our project. I'm so impressed with your dedication and also with anil, shellu, vinesh bhai who continually helped us with locations, props, extras.. and so much of planning/co-ordination/making errands. We just couldn't have done it without you all.

Julien, Tomasz & Renata- Without your expertise on Jib and the workings of an RC, this wouldn't have been possible. Julien.. we had some good times with you.. and we have to make sure we work on more projects together. All three of of you had stressful situations ahead of you, from julien's jib almost not making it to the island on time to tomasz your handling of the rc with bare minimum light. But, you all worked with us and really pushed limits to get the shots we needed. I can't thank you enough.

Thanks Aziz/Marianna/Dwiko.. you guys were awesome to work with and thanks soo much for assisting us at ALL times. We hope to do more shoot with you. :-) Aziz, I think knowing you has been the best thing that has happened to us. :-)) can't believe how much fun we had during our stay in udaipur. Dwiko.. you are so amazingly sharp minded and creative and most of all so helpful just like Aziz. I think anytime we faced an issue, you guys were there to hear us out and to help us solve our problems and you all contributed soo much to our love story shoots. All three of you were so amazingly supportive of our work and I really really appreciate that.

Most of all thank-you to the SHAH's/RAO's for making us feel part of your family. You warmed your hearts for us and really appreciated our work & efforts. It was an honor to be part of this auspicious occasion.

Note Mr & Mrs Shah: We love you! It was such a pleasure to film both your daughter's wedding. I'm at loss of words when I have to describe the respect and love I have for you & mrs shah. You guys are both our idols. :-)

Roshni & Suchet:- I hope the wedding story trailor will do justice to the wedding and to your relationship. You guys gave me the best candid shots. Roshni- your infectious smile, your simplicity in personality and elegance in taste, and Suchet's simple innocent.. humbling personality. We just hope this has come through well in our love story. :-)

Incredible Support from Photography Team:
Aziz Khan, Arie Dwiko, Mariana Bassani (Aira Photography , London, UK)

Wedding Team:
Flaming Trio: Mumbai Bartending Company
Lighting & Sound: Sid, Udaipur
Rodney & Group: Mumbai
Daler Mehndi & Group; Mumbai

Creative Team:
Jaipur, India
Dilip Kungwani (Production coordinator)
Vinesh Adwani (Line producer)

Mumbai, India
Laxmi Shetty ( 2nd steadicam operator)

Udaipur, India
AnilVanwala (Location manager)
Shellu(Production Assist)
Dinesh(Production Assist)

Los Angeles (Jimmy Jib Operator)
Julien Zeitouni

Warsaw, Poland(RC Helicam Operators)
Tomasz Patan
Renata Jagielska

Delhi, India
Manoj Chaudhary (Jimmy Jib technician)

Sid Ghosh( Co-ordinator, Cinematographer, Steadicam Operator)
Mili Ghosh (Creative Director, Writer, Editor, Co-ordinator, Cinematographer)

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