N. wears Swedish Delight

Black Leather Biker Boots: Granular Synthesizers, Kick Drum, Snare, Congas
Black Leather Top: Clap, Shaker, Snare, Kick Drum
Leather and Gold Chain Belt: Percussion, Snare, Cymbal, Granular Synthesizer, Jingle Bells
Black Felt Fedora: Cymbal
Foxtail: Percussion
Black Oversize Chiffon Shirt: Kick Drum
Patterned Wool Leggings: Shaker, Clap, Snare, Hi-hat

Directed, composed and choreographed by Gabriel Shalom
Featuring the performance and wardrobe of Nicole Roscher
Colors corrected by Carlos Vasquez
Titles by Patrizia Kommerell
Audio Mastered by Thomas von Pescatore

From the audiovisual EP "Faces of N."

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