Jd Smith: Director/Producer/Storyboards
Andy Hartmark: Editor/2nd Camera/Photography
Webb Pickersgill: Director of Photography/1st Camera
Lisa Viotti: Production Manager/casting
Ashley LaBord: Cast make-up
Erin Armsey: Band make-up
Chaz Geisler: Grip
Drew Strickland: Grip
Brandon Miller: Set Dressing/PA
Meagan Worcester: Set Dressing
Marci Mazzarotto: PA
Mike Mattingly: Location

Steve Farber
Joanna Ke
Courtney Lato
Ali Crimson
Kim Ruff
Megan Yennie
Amber Haines
Lylia Meade

Special thanks goes out to all the band members of ZOMBEAST, Scott C, Neal T, Sean S, Bo C, all our friends and family, and Andrea the MMM for hosting the premiere.

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