Scarpa Freedom SL Boot Review 2014

Nice ergo feel on buckles, easy to pop on and off. Nice and snug fit, good low volume
wedge. Super stiff at the right times, but also a great walking and moving boot. With 27 degrees of forward lean
it is a superior traveling boot and just over 3 lbs. per boot your liner and foot bed make up most of the weight.

Light, very light, and fast. Combined with a tech binding or a Duke this boot handles it all
with appropriate flexion and amazing details built around a world class shell. The low arch
and the tech or alpine removable heels. I found myself this year swapping and switching the
soles to better assault my ski missions and quiver. It really added a whole new level to all
avenues of my skiing.

The intuition liner is nice and simple. A good low weight, thinner liner that I experienced to
be more proficient for longer tours and big climbs, the exchange for weight is a tad bit colder
for me at least. Also by using the Intuition Alpine Liner w/Power Wrap it gives the Freedom SL
a little stiffer ummf when skiing in-bounds or having to mash through the chop to get to your
powder destination.

Graphics are cool, bright and flashy but not annoying.

The best features of the boot are:

It is a little bit of a longer boot so the shin height is a nice height to lean into and lever a fat ski.
Tour mode. The angle is aggressive but not overly, nice movement and flex, incredible all around system.
the buckles, pop and lock nicely and with authority. It has a "great fit" feels like bedroom slippers for slaying pow. Great options and removable soles are incredible. Alpine for Duke / Tech for G3 ION or Dynafit.
It is the jack of all Trades. PERIOD.

I really liked using this boot where my Dalbello Krypton is just too big, heavy and stiff for these uses:

snowmobiling in walk mode a super comfy boot to BRAP tour or just scout new lines on your sled.
Long missions involving walking, skinning, and boot packing, this boot doesn't feel like normal boots after
3-4 hours with a solid foot bed your laughing. The top strap loops nicely for tour mode.
Quick slack country laps and mini golf lines. Quick turnover real nice rhythm. Never had an issue with the
tour mode clicking or coming out.

Overall Pros ; Real bomber boot good for 30 footer freeride lines all the way to bush whacking headlamp missions never a bad turn or a wasted step. I really love this boot and would recommend it to any one looking to add another level to their arsenal. I used it to charge ski area Pow at Mt. Baker and it didn't disappoint hucking, hard pack, chop, and speed. They do love some speed. Thanks Scarpa for making a sick boot, super nimble,it is an incredible uni-lateral boot giving it supreme control over a fat ski and can work equally as strong
in a tech binding or Downhill AT binding.

My setups:

Super Light Deep Pow Setup
G3 127 Empire Carbon 193 - G3 ION Tech Binding - Scarpa Freedom SL - G3 Expedition Skins

Charging Slack Country lines
G3 127 Empire 193 - Marker Duke - Scarpa Freedom SL - G3 High Traction Skins

Ski Area
G3 127 Empire 193 - Marker Jester - Dalbello Krypton - Boot packin

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