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Aperture 3 Helps You Master Your Workflow
But what exactly does a mastered workflow look like?

Aperture 3 is here and it is the most powerful creative tool ever available for the digital photographer, but unless you know how to harness that power, you’re not working as efficiently as you should be.

The Aperture 3 Workflow Master training video series helps you take control of your post-production life by following the photographers who are best in their field, and masters of Aperture work on an actual shoot.

This video tutorial is available either for instant online download, or on DVD. (DVD ships February 21.) You can select your delivery type below.

In this video we go along with Thomas Boyd, veteran editorial photographer as he covers a professional bike race in Oregon and then processes his images in Aperture. Thomas talks about his work and the steps he goes through to turn out a great image and to get his images onto the wire as quickly as possible.

He starts the video capturing the race and then heads to the studio to import his images, organize them, rate them, adjust them and then export them. Watch every step of his workflow and gain valuable insight into the key Aperture shortcuts and tricks that help him go from assignment to outputting images for his editors within his deadline. 
Along the way he explains ever task, every choice and every action he’s making in clear, concise terms. There’s no better way to learn this workflow short of being being a staff photographer.

This video is runs an hour long, and is great for both the Aperture 3 newcomer and the Aperture 2 veterans alike.

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