*Winner of the 2010 NCMC (North Carolina Museums Council) award for "Best Historical Film".

These are selected scenes from "Friends in Liberty," a production by the North Carolina Museum of History. “Friends in Liberty” follows the experiences of 14-year-old Hugh McDonald and his friend, Anne Taylor. The film is based on the original journal of McDonald, the son of Scottish Loyalists, who joined the Sixth N.C. Regiment of the Continental Army in 1776. The fictitious character Anne Taylor gives us a girl’s view of life during the Revolutionary War as she struggles with increasing responsibilities at home after her brother Samuel joins the militia.

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See the entire film (52 mins) at:

00:00 - Anne and Samuel argue about Hugh
02:06 - The Halifax Resolves
02:59 - Hugh and Anne visit
06:11 - Hugh is taken by the Continentals

-Directed by-
Jerry Taylor

-Written by-
Sally Bloom

Carol Loots
William White
Spencer Bloom
Sarah Catherine Carter
Matt Mollenkopf
Scott Parker
Frank Aard
Lee Armstrong
Brian Fisher
Jackson Bloom
Alex Tobey
Joey Osuna
Tom Bojanski
Joel Thomas
Nikki Bojanski
Michael Bojanski
Chandler Cearley
Austin Cox
Alex Hunt
Matt McGrath
Alex McKee
Shaun Schneider

© 2009 North Carolina Museum of History. All rights reserved.

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