On April 1, 2014, QuisLex celebrated its 10th anniversary at a gala weekend event attended by its 800 dedicated employees and their families. In connection with the celebration, the company commissioned an anthem produced and performed by well-known Indian artists. The anthem is sung in over a dozen languages to mark the diversity of our workforce. The accompanying video commemorates the history and growth of QuisLex from its origins as a pioneer in the offshore legal services industry to an award-winning global provider of legal services. The lyrics can be found below:

We started with a dream that became reality
A reality achieved through hard work
We never knew where we would end up
But today we've touched the sky

We are QuisLex
(in various languages)

We've always won… Quislex
It’s so much fun… Quislex
We are the Trailblazers now…
Everyone just wonders how…

We are QuisLex
(in various languages)

We began with a strong vision
Although many did not share it
They thought we were foolish
But we've shown them our worth

We've come so far
We've touched the stars
Together as one
We won't accept failure

We are QuisLex
(in various languages)

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