Grief can be amongst the most challenging emotions that we experience in a lifetime. What we each choose to do with our grief varies, but many often find comfort in sharing their stories. We each create a unique path on our road to recovery, whether it be an inner, private process, or manifested through the mediums of film, storytelling, writing, art or therapy for example.

Please join us for an intimate conversation with a panel of three women who experienced life altering losses, and found their own ways to transcend their grief. The discussion will explore grief, loss and the journey to overcoming tragedy.

Event Information

Saturday, December 7th, 2013 – 2:00pm, as part the film Transforming Loss

Panelist - Judith Burdick, M.A., L.L.P.
Judith Burdick, of Bloomfield, Michigan, is a highly-regarded licensed psychotherapist and documentary filmmaker. Her practice is dedicated to individuals with a wide range of emotional and psychological issues and focuses on providing individual and group therapy grief support. A grief survivor herself, Burdick began her journey in understanding grief and loss when, at age 31, with two small children, her husband of 10 years was killed in a scuba diving accident. She found herself alone, entirely overwhelmed and unprepared for what her life, and their lives, had suddenly become. Her film, “Transforming Loss” provides an authentic view of the transformation of six families who experienced heart-wrenching human loss and suffering. It then takes the viewer through the incredible transformation process of healing and embracing life once again.

Panelist – Denise Reed Livingston
Denise Livingston is a wife, mother, graphic designer/artist, philanthropist and survivor. On July 4th, 2003, she lost her two young sons and husband to a private plane crash. Refusing to drown in sorrow, Denise chose to swim to survival. As a way to honor her beloved, she founded the Wiley, Morgan and Parker Fund. Since it’s creation, Denise has helped over 15 families adopt from China and Ethiopia. During this time of survival, she met an amazing man, Steve Livingston, who has been her rock ever since. He made the dream of living a happy life after tremendous grief come true. They are happily married and adopted their son, Gierma, from Ethiopia in 2009. Together, they have done philanthropy work in an Ethiopian orphanage. Keeping a journal, then an art journal during her time of survival and discovery has transformed Denise into a budding artist. Finding love again and art has given her the grounding to not only survive grief, but to live an amazing life.

Panelist – Jennifer Yarbro, M.A., L.P.C.
Jennifer Yarbro, MA, LPC has been working in the field of grief and loss for the past 12 years. After receiving her masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in 2002, Jennifer joined The Denver Hospice where she has held both clinical and leadership roles. Jennifer incorporates mindfulness and expressive therapies into her work with grieving people, building on their natural resilience to navigate the intense pain of losing a loved one. Jennifer also maintains a small private practice in the Denver area.

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