Is a career in medicine right for you? This course is designed to help you answer that question. Experience the study of medicine in a whole new way and get a taste of what medical school and practicing medicine in a variety of different medical specialties would be like.

Participants in this class will:
• Study gross anatomy, histology, physiology, and microbiology in virtual labs
• Assess and care for the medical needs of your own virtual patients
• Visit a human anatomy lab for an up-close view of the brain, lungs, liver, and other anatomical structures, and see how disease impacts these organs
• Gain insight into medical specialties from top doctors in a range of fields, and discover the many options for practice across the field of medicine
• Explore topics such as the biology of disease to medical ethics
• Participate in a medical shadowing experience at a site of your choice, spending time with a doctor in a hospital, clinic, or office setting
• Understand strategies for a successful medical school application
• Learn the steps necessary to earn your medical degree and medical license
• Sharpen the study skills you need to succeed in medical school.

For more information on this course, please visit:

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