1. Make sure your Canon Mark iii has the latest firmware 1.2.3 installed.
2. Take out CF card from camera.
3. Format SD card and download Magic Lantern files
4. Select platform from drop down '5D3.123'.
5. Unzip the file 'magiclantern-Nightly.2014Apr24.5D3123' and copy the unzipped folder contents 'autoexec.bin', 'ML' and 'ML5D3123.FIR' to the SD card.
6. Run the Firmware Update from Canon's menu.
7. After restart insert CF card and press trash can symbol to open Magic Lantern interface allowing a moment for installation.
8. Go to the Modules section in the ML interface and check these fields 'file_man', mlv_play', mlv_rec', mlv_snd' and then restart your camera.
9. The camera will now shoot Raw footage using the mlv codec.


1. Download and install the latest MlRawViewer from here:
2. Open MlRawViewer and it will ask you to locate the 'mlv' file.
3. It should play in the viewer and should be playing sound as well.
4. Click on the 'T' until the 'LOG' symbol appears on the left hand side.
5. Press '1' on the keyboard so the dot in the colour range graphic is centred.
6. To export press 'E' and select location and press the record button.
7. The exporting process will begin.

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