"Sweet Lord Face" by J.S. Bach. Songs for lent and Easter.
Was held in the Church of Ss. Tower Carmelite fathers the passion concert April 16, 2014. Narrator and directed by Gino Caesarea.
The Choir Cantate Domino v.a. Marsigliante was directed by Maestro Marichita G.
The Choir was founded by Maestro Valerio Agostino Marsigliante composition since 1991, with works ranging from sacred a cappella music to Gregorian chant to contemporary genres and to which he devoted all his passion and his commitment to the care and development of the voices of the choir, but prematurely disappeared.
To repeat the chorus master v.a. Marsigliante, with repertoire ranging from sacred music to theatrical compositions is the master Marichita G that picking up his wand and rereading his cards, wants to convey the emotions that raised the late and the warm support it receives from the public for each concert there seems to be succeeding.

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