This is a collection of some of my most recent work.

Diego Grimaldi - FX Reel Breakdown

01. "Prey" (Ember Lab Studio) Responsible for On Set Supervision, Pipeline Development, FX R&D, FX Look Dev, Linux-Render Farm Setup, CG FX, Matchmoving, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing.
I supervised the shooting of the shots. I created an efficient pipeline to transfer data from Maya to Houdini. I established the look of the FX through R&D. I helped setting up render farm nodes to run with Linux. Once I was given the Maya matchmoves, I exported them into Houdini and created, lit, and rendered the FX with it. I did some of the matchmoving and compositing as well.

02. "Once Upon A Time" Season 2 Episode 19 (ABC) (Zoic Studios): Responsible for matchmove, dynamics, rendering.
I matchmoved a geo to the moving hand, emitted particles from that geo, then emitted fluids from those particles. I used Phoenix FD for fluids and rendered in V-Ray
Software: Maya, Phoenix FD, V-Ray.

03. "Dust" (Ember Lab Studio) Pipeline Development, FX R&D, FX Look Dev, CG FX, Matchmoving.
On this shot I modeled the bowl in Maya and exported it to Houdini. I set up several different FLIP simulations to all interact with each others, with different density and viscosity. I meshed some of them with VDB to be used as reflection and refraction in the render. Exported all the sims and meshes back to Maya for render.

04. "Subway Station Flood" (Personal Project) Responsible for all elements but the model.
FLIP particles for the main simulation. VDB used for collision and meshing. Emitted foam and mist using the curl field of the sim. Created a clustering tool to replicate millions of points for the foam. Wetmap created using the sim and the geo.

05. "Car Explosion" (Personal Project) Responsible for all elements but the model.
I created a little plastic deformation rig to deform a proxy car. I then applied the deformation to a higher res car and also did some RBD collision for the various elements of the car. I used the car to emit particles that I used as fuel, temperature, and velocity source. Rendered everything out of Mantra and comped in Nuke.

06. "Parking Building Collapse" (Personal Project) Responsible for all aspects.
I shot the footage and probe with a Canon EOS REBEL T5i. I modeled the building from
the footage in Maya and exported into Houdini. In Houdini I did the camera projection,
the fracturing, dust, debris, smoke and everything else. Rendered and then comped
in Nuke.

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