When David started explaining what Placemeter.com (a TechStars startup) is, we asked ourselves if this was sci-fi or something real.
And, yes, this is damnly real!
So, since the beginning we fell in love with this out-of-the-box idea: using old smartphones to count how many people, cars and cabs are crossing our streets to improve our cities and make them smart for real.
Is a garden crowded? Let’s add more benches and playgrounds, so citizens can enjoy it more! We sharpened our pencils and tried to concieve how the city, the neighbourhood and the tech process could look like.
We loved to have all the elements of these small worlds internally connected with some loopy animations! One of the biggest challenge we faced was creating and animating all those small people walking around the city, but Cristina & Oscar made a great job. And we’re happy that the city we design have chosen as cover images on Placemeter’s social networks and posters!

The Placemeter program is currently available only in New York city, but we’re sure that these talented guys are going to spread their technology all around the world soon!

Join now at placemeter.com

CLIENT: Placemeter.com, New York
DIRECTION: Ilenoliukgo
ILLUSTRATION: Ilenia Notarangelo, Cristina Pasquale
ANIMATION: Oscar Petterson
SOUND DESIGN: Matteo Ruffinengo

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