A demonstration video showing how the iAbacus is used for citizenship self-evaluation and improvement planning.

Watch this short video and see how the head of a citizenship department makes initial judgements about their subject's performance, checks the accuracy of their judgements against the citizenship-specific Ofsted criteria, selects appropriate evidence to justify their judgements, then analyses factors which currently help or hinder performance and plans detailed actions to improve.

For more information about the iAbacus or a FREE trial - visit iabacus.co.uk/citizenship or email dan@iabacus.co.uk

The iAbacus for citizenship self-evaluation has following key benefits:-

- Exceeds Ofsted’s recommendations for subject self-evaluation and improvement planning.
- Supports subject leaders by guiding them step-by-step through a streamlined process.
- Incorporates Ofsted citizenship grade descriptors and guidance without being too 'wordy'.
- Creates a combined self-evaluation and subject development plan in one highly-visual document.

Try it for yourself at iabacus.co.uk/citizenship

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