Jack Layton sat down with CBC’s the Hour in his first one-on-one interview since revealing his prostate cancer diagnosis. Stroumboulopoulos’ show provided me with these exclusive clips of my former boss talking about the New Democrats and whether it can ever be really elected to lead a government and

“Canadians like to do things step by step,” started Layton. After reacting amicably to the George-esq rejoinder of “there’s no fear of you become Prime Minister anytime soon.”

“Canadians have begun to elect NDP mayors. That’s like sticking your toe in the water. They’ve begun electing provincial governments. If you had asked Alexa McDonough ... if there was every going to be an NDP government in Nova Scotia she would have said “yes” and everyone would have laughed. We now have Darrell Dexter in Nova Scotia.”

The second clip is more personal and talks about his cancer diagnosis, being fearless and what it has taught him so far. The entire interview airs tonight on CBC News Network, check your local listings for the time (11pmEST).

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