It's funny; it's events, info and cons. It's Comic Book Culture's new web series "Comic Culture" International News. Twice a month, the series will be featuring an entertaining story-line mixed with current news and information about Comic Books, Cosplay, Video Games, Board Games, Animations, and Comic Adapted Feature Films. Topics will be highlighted from our team in Toronto and our European Correspondents from London England (SBOC News).

Shot on location at One Million Comix in Toronto Canada, in this episode we highlight or featured:

- Hi-jinks from Doctar StEvil & Sparky D
- The 2014 Costume Con
- Animation from Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design (Jordi Gonzalez)
- A Comic Culture update from London England's scene with Daniel Routledge & Professor Elemental (SBOC News)
- Special Guest Rob Ford
- Comic Culture's resident expert, Kelly Ackerman's Interview with Brian Liu
- One Million Comix expert Adam Brown

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