look back and laugh 2014 is a video project highlighting each and every day of my year with at least 1 second of footage.
january: vimeo.com/85591946
february: vimeo.com/88736506
march: vimeo.com/91595719

for the first time this year, April was probably the most laid back month yet. No trips, no mini-vacations, but a lot of regular every day moments that I'm glad I captured - after all, this was the whole point of the video project in the first place! Some of my favorite moments were some last team drinks with my team, going to the zoo and seeing the animals be themselves on a slow day, making time lapses, and celebrating my nephew's birthday.

camera: canon 6d and a go pro 3
glass: ranges from 35 1.4, 50 1.4, 85 1.2, and the 135 2.0
quadcopter: dji phantom 2

april // 30 days
91. rainy days in oakland
92. a walk around town
93. one last jack and coke
94. the late night drive to LA
95. a walk through the gardens of the world
96. poko
97. romeo
98. drink through the night and say goodbye
99. smile for the camera
100. YPN event at the maserati center
101. rare tiger activity
102. apple artwork
103. video #2 for local variety
104. an occasional drink of tea
105. time lapse: bay bridge
106. time lapse: oakland overpass
107. time lapse: giants stadium
108. doing the impossible: fitting a slide into a car
109. happy 1st birthday, colin!
110. good afternoon, little dog
111. pasta making
112. morcom rose garden
113. late night SF
114. chipotle again
115. pizza my heart
116. flying over the embarcadero
117. windy dog days at pt. isabel
118. sand paper
119. another bus ride home
120. fun with science in emeryville

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