There's always been a need to photograph people. Mostly in movement with theatrical, glamorous or exciting variations but also with an amazing vulnerability that might not come out of them in the day to day life.

I've enjoyed shooting people in situations that were either completely stylized, with lots drama and emotion or images that were a just moment, most maybe even without realization.

Each photo is a visual poem for me, it is a part of my soul, my heart. In it is a world, there is a destination, a new place each time. I want you to feel drawn to it. That it will evoke memories, wishes, or dreams. I'm hoping it will move you. Cause you to create something, to find your own voice, to look for every little ounce of beauty, hidden within the eyes of every person you meet.

I hope that people see in my work as an appreciation for the existence of beauty and art in all. That there is no person too small, no face too plain, no soul too dim for the magic and truth that is photography. I strive to capture that fire within someone and light it on every photo.

If I couldn't do this, if I didn't have the opportunity to find and photograph people or have this artistic outlook, there wouldn't be much left of me. In all honesty, I wouldn't be here. It has healed me and helped me in ways I didn't think possible. And I am grateful to each person who has allowed me to capture them.

Meeting you is a good day for me. Photographing you is a better one.

My name is Sarah and I am Pictorian Photography.

Music by: Candlegravtity "Love Breaks"

Models shown:
Devon Kelley
Nathan Ramseyer
Jill Kimberling
Annika Fairbanks
Jessica Potuzak
Brad Crelia
Rosa Sears
Emily Erickson
Jaimie Hughes
Krystal Federico
Elliana Giampietri
Sarah Elizabeth
Sara Story
Amy Orchard
Alisha Heller
Sarah Benton
Wangechi Ojuok

PS. I know the narration soundtrack isn't the best quality. All when better equipment will come.

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