Film producer Steve Nguyen takes you behind the scenes with singer-songwriter Jane Lui.

Throughout a lonely childhood, she spent much of her time exploring her piano and voice. “Mom was a quiet catholic with the best soup recipes, and dad was a non-practicing Buddhist with high blood pressure. They weren’t musical, but I always loved music. I didn’t have many playmates and spent a lot of time in my room listening to the radio. That’s where I started singing, made up stories, found imaginary friends, and occasionally got electrocuted.” Jane was a class clown who excelled in music, and in fifth grade was chosen to conduct the class choir.

Though Jane is classically trained in piano and voice, her vocals are husky and soulful. “It’s not a story of growing up listening to Stevie Wonder and the Beatles. Assimilating to western culture as a teenager meant I didn’t have any historical context and absorbed music openly and randomly: everything from Allison Krauss, Bjork, and Michael Jackson to Brazilian jazz and circus music.”

Her unique cultural and musical influences have produced a unique sound that has critics eliciting names like Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple, Cat Power, and Rufus Wainwright. She has opened for Jason Mraz, Vienna Teng, Jay Nash, Jim Bianco, Kate Earl, Tom Brousseau, and others.

There is a consensus among Jane’s listeners that Jane is her true self when on stage, her performance exhibiting an authenticity that immediately captures their attention. Her interaction with her audience is direct, honest, witty and spontaneous. “I love singing, but also love a good laugh. I like to invite listeners into my nutty life.”

Jane’s self-produced full-length debut album, Teargirl, is a collection of songs with catchy melodies, dissonance, and lush production with no digital editing. Barkentine, her follow-up album, was recorded with a mobile studio and mini-disc in classrooms, churches, recital halls, houses, and 19th century sailing ships. With sea shanties, choirs, bells, and so much vibe, she plays 14 instruments in addition to writing her own choir and string arrangements (Best Recording Nominee – San Diego Awards 2008).

Jane has toured US East & West coasts, Canada, Sydney (AU), London (UK). SONY featured two songs in their wireless gadget (MYLO ‘06, MYLO 2 ‘08). She was recently awarded 1st place at the talent competition “Kollaboration Acoustic” (Ford Amphitheatre), and 1st runner up at Kollaboration IX (Shrine Auditorium, L.A.).

Both solo records are available on iTunes and most distribution sites. She is currently writing a third album, scheduled for Spring 2010 release.

Special Thanks:
George Shaw
Dean Matsuda
Edward Hong

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