A melding of live stage acting and shadow puppetry, this production is dedicated to my Australian grandmother, Olive Hazard. She was one of the thousands of women who left their mother countries to marry an American serviceman during the second world war.
These women were called The War Brides.
The show begins as two women are hanging laundry on a clothesline to dry. All the puppets in the show are made from scraps of clothing, wire hangers, clothespins and other such objects that you might find with a clothesline. As the two women share their stories, the pieces of cloth, buttons and handkerchiefs come to life to tell the story behind the shadow screen of a hanging bed sheet.
All the costume pieces were once warn by my grandmother, great grandmother, or mother.
Thank you to all who helped with the production of this piece, to all the laundry and loving memories that made it possible.

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