An animation walkthrough of EDIS co-developed by Queensgate Studios and CWC Services

Designed for First Response, Hospitals, Healthcare and other professional organisations handling people in planned or unplanned emergency scenarios, the EDIS system comprises a mobile app backed by server and administration components. The system enables a smartphone to read GS1 barcodes, enter critical patient data, take photos and send it via any available data networks to a server where it can be made immediately available to healthcare or other authorised professionals.

Captured data is time and geo stamped, providing an audit trail useful for later analysis and to locate a patient's whereabouts at a particular time. The ability to add photographs - stored cumulatively in the system and once again time and geostamped - also allows a visual reference to the patient's identity and condition over the course of the emergency.

The system is designed in a robust architecture, with maximal data-gathering and live or retrospective audit potential in a simple, effective way. EDIS can be demonstrated now and is ready to be tailored to the needs of particular organisations and requirements.

Contact us at the above website for further information.

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