These are a few test shots from a friends photo shoot so excuse the camera shake. I really like the A6000 overall,the video images it produce are very organic and vibrant .The one thing I need to do "ASAP" is turn off C-AF and focus on subjects manually,in this specific test I would let C-AF lock on and then switch to MF via my custom button set up. The C-AF did well but noticed a lot of out of focus shots after reviewing,I mainly wanted to see could it be a quick solution for run & gun situations,lets say I will stick to manual focusing.

UPDATE: After adjusting focus settings the auto-focus is very fast and accurate when locking on a subject. I set AF drive speed to "Normal" and AF Track Duration to "High".

White balance may not be consistent the duration of a shot do to incorrect AWB. I also added slight sharpening in post.

frame rate-24P
creative style-portrait -3,-3,-3,
filter-neewer variable nd
glass-sony 35mm 1.8 OSS
editor-Vegas Pro 12

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