Anna Chan:
Yesterday the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs held a hearing about the human rights situation in China. The attendees expressed their concern about the current Human Rights situation in China, and hope to take effective measures in order to improve the situation. Let's go over to our correspondent in Holland's political capital, The Hague, for the full story.

China experts from different fields were invited to inform and advise the Dutch government on the current situation in China and to comment on government policies towards China's human rights.

The commission of foreign affairs is debating what approach would be the most effective.

[Karien van Gennip, Dutch Foreign Affairs Spokesman]:
"How we can really improve the human rights in China, including Tibet. We can have a conversation here, but what is the effect for human rights in China?"

Foreign affairs spokesman Hans van Baalen, said in his speech, that sometimes strong actions are needed to have real impact, such as boycotting the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. He also mentions that people sometimes don't have the courage to confront the real issues happening in China.

[Hans van Baalen, Foreign Affairs Spokesman]:
"It is very grave what's happening with Falun Gong, the report is very serious. There are concentration camps where organs are removed from Falun Gong practitioners, and are being sold. I notice that this reality is in fact too alarming, one dares not recognize that this Canadian report is a substantial report that must be taken seriously, and I regret this."

Dutch Amnesty International director Eduard Nazarski emphasized in his speech that human rights in China is not improving, but instead is getting worse. He stressed that Amnesty International would like to see the Dutch government intensify its efforts to improve the human rights situation.

[Eduard Nazarski, Director, Dutch Amnesty International]:
"I have advised the commission to urge the Dutch government, to really increase, intensify or maybe even double its efforts, to address the human rights situation on all possible levels with the Chinese authorities."

Agnes Jongerius, chairman of the Dutch Labor Union, said Chinese workers don't have the freedom to improve their work condition or bargain salaries trough a labor union.

The 'All China federation of trade unions,' the only legal union in China, is under tight scrutiny by the state. Workers who organize outside of this union or who are critical of this organization face severe punishment.

There is a long list of jailed labour activists, and lawyers who defend workers must overcome mountains of pressure.

NTD, The Hague, Netherlands.

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