Batwing Conspiracy
by R. Koshgarian, I. Soto, M. Villanueva, and O. Mikhailik (UCLA)

People are most familiar with the physical realization of minimal surfaces in the form of soap films, stretched on wire frames in various shapes. The structural implications of this form are well-defined as the tension within the surface is proportional to its curvature allowing for the surface to constantly remain in its most relaxed position. This idea of minimal energy is expanded upon in triply periodic minimal surfaces that optimize a crystalline structure where this surface is repeated in three dimensions (Osserman). Although the methods in which these 3D structures are modeled physically range in both technique and materials, the research into the fabrication of these surfaces will primarily focus on two: the aggregation of unit surfaces or panels, and composite shell molding, where particular interest is placed on the unique tensile attributes and aesthetic qualities of these surfaces.

This clip was accepted as a video submission to Rob|Arch 2014 - the international conference on robotic fabrication in architecture, art, and design.

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