Listeners were asked to submit their toughest questions to ApertureExpert for this Live Training session, and we got some great ones! Click through to the product page to see all the questions answered.Here are the questions we addressed…

How can I transfer photos edited in iPhoto for iOS from an iPad into Aperture? Challenge: I'm running iOS 6 and OS X 10.8.5

Do you recommend always importing into Aperture? (compared to importing using other software, editing first, then importing fewer images into Aperture)

How do I modify images (i.e. crop) in an Album, without seeing those changes in the original Project?

I know how to brush an effect away from a single adjustment, but how can I do it on multiple adjustments?

What does "RAW Fine Tuning" do?

Could you do an overview of how Aperture handles raw files? Are the versions created with every edit step a JPEG? If I make standard Aperture adjustments (white balance, exposure), I create a new version. If I then add a NIK adjustment to this adjusted image I create another version. This gets confusing and I have a problem when I leave and come back to Aperture finding the last adjusted image where I left off. How to tell which version has all the steps applied?

Which brings up what is the best workflow order for editing raw files? What to do first and when to apply sharpening. Only use edge sharpening in Aperture? When to use the different type of NIK sharpening?

Plus a bunch of follow-up questions that were addressed on the fly!

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