Nic Lucas is an entrepreneur, scientist, health professional, speaker and author with five degrees in human and health sciences and a number of successful businesses.

Here is a short video of our interview for the #1 Health & #1 Business (New&Noteworthy on iTunes) podcast AwakenYourAlpha! Go check out the full interview here:

In 1995, I began to study business and wealth creation, none of which I’d had any exposure to.

In 1997 I set up my first business running workshops and events. I also started a publishing company which I later sold to a multi-national publishing house.

With degrees in Osteopathy and Pain Medicine, I developed two health care practices and consulted with thousands of people who had pain and movement problems. During this time I also developed a substantial property portfolio, which was decimated in the 2009 global financial crisis, wiping out 10 years of investment and capital wealth.

In 2009 I developed an online learning platform to educate health professionals for personal and professional development. This grew internationally, with students from over 70 countries participating in online learning, webinars, and discussion forums.

I was invited to speak at business seminars and conferences to share how I had developed my publishing and online education businesses. I shared my expertise about content creation, webinars, video, advertising, communications, social media, and sales. I started consulting to help others in their businesses, and ran online training on topics like blogging, product launches, social media, and how to become a recognised expert in your field.

I have worked with entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and start-ups, as well as established businesses and charities. I look at life and the things we all do. Career. Possessions. Business. Bank Accounts. Status.

I care about people. I care about who they are and the positive experiences they carry with them into the peace. I care about helping them live a life of meaning, and purpose. I care about deep emotional connection.

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