Can ILLUMINATI and MASONIC symbols be found in Catholic Churches? Is CATHOLICISM a MYSTERY RELIGION? Is Catholicism true or false? Is Catholicism BAAL worship? Are SATANIC, OCCULT symbols in Catholic Churches?

This video shows you visual evidence and takes a look at the Illuminati-Catholic connection.


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Mystery Babylon -- The Great Harlot (What is Mystery Babylon?) (Masonic Symbols in Catholic Churches)

The name, Mystery Babylon carries with it a sense of wonderment and intrigue. What is the "mystery" of Mystery Babylon? Babylon was an ancient city located some miles from Baghdad in modern Iraq. It later became an extensive empire that controlled the Middle East and beyond, but, what is this "Mystery Babylon"?

The land of Mesopotamia is called the "Cradle of Civilization". It was here, in the land of Shinar, or Babylon, that Nimrod set up the tallest tower in the ancient world: the Tower of Babel. Babel, a city founded by Nimrod, according to Genesis 10:10, was the center of a world government that served Nimrod, the mighty hunter. This kingdom centered in Babel was started sometime after Noah, his wife, and Noah's three sons and their wives arrived with enough animals to repopulate the world. Nimrod was the great-grandson of Noah and the son of Cush (see Genesis 10). He started a religion of sun-worship that led people away from the true God, the Creator, to serve and worship the creature (the sun, the moon, stars, etc.).


Other examples of the pagan roots of the Catholic Church can be found in their buildings. The all-seeing-eye of Horus, found in masonic lodges, and on the back of the dollar bill, can be found in the masonry and imagery of Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches (which are really Catholic churches formed after the Roman Empire was divided in two). You will even find masonic imagery on the walls of Catholic Churches. Phoenix birds, satanic pentagrams (five-pointed upside down stars), masonic square and compass symbols, and pagan tridents can be seen in some Cathedrals throughout Europe and even in South America.

The halo, or nimbus, that sits behind the heads of many statues and paintings in the Catholic Church can be found on the statues of Greek and Roman gods. Apollo is depicted with a halo around his head. Circe, another Roman god, has a halo, as does the Catholic Mary. What is the significance of a halo or nimbus?


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