This is the story of a boy and his friend, she just gets him, and she always helps him through the tough and boring times. She helps him often escape reality, and they always get to talk and hang out. He simply enjoys his time with her, especially the days when his bullies decide to perform their usual routine. It's often difficult to keep himself from fighting back, even if his friend tries to convince him to. This time, however, she definitely had. This is why they are friends, she always has good ideas, and she just understands him more than anyone...

This is for my Video Art final, the focus of this assignment was to use the 5 obstructions given to us in class. These obstructions were:

1. Use Extreme angles.
2. Make Fragmented Information Pieced Together.
3. Have No Spoken Dialogue.
4. Have The Wrong Things In Focus.
5. And Trade Clips With Someone In Class

I will admit that I got carried away with making my story clear than paying attention to these obstructions, however I personally believe this all came out perfectly in the end. As always my best pieces are abstract, and while many of the clips are monochromatic, I added a touch of color for every scene. Colors set moods, as well as shift and control them, and I had hoped that this video sort of used color as a way to shift the mood and somewhat express the change from reality to the imagination.

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