When does animation become art? What remains of animation when it leaves the cinema or TV screen, and manifests itself in other spaces? The exhibition El Hotel Eléctrico - Rooms Available sets out in search -of the many expressions of the phenomenon of 'animation' in a broader sense, starting with the medium in its earliest forms, at the time when this artistic practice was not yet constrained by the conventions and clichés of the film industry.

EL HOTEL ELÉCTRICO can be seen from 21 February til 11 May 2014.

A M HKA production for ARTtube
Thanks to: Edwin Carels, Stephen en Timothy Quay, Didier Warin, Honoré d'O, Bart Prinsen, Luc Tuymans en Tommy Simoens
Interviews: Mario De Munck
Coordination: Ghislaine Peeters
Music: 'The Boss' Mutifaros (FMA)
Camera, editing: Mario De Munck

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