Here is another pass at the C4D LiDAR Test #3 scene. I did things a little differently this time when preparing the LiDAR point cloud in Global Mapper. I created two .asc files: the first was a TIN using only the point cloud attribute labeled "ground" and using only the first LiDAR return; the second TIN used all of the attributes filtered to display only data 0.5 meters above the ground return.

The first processed the data and created an excellent digital terrain model that removed any elevation over the ground sample - which effectively removed any bridge or overpass. This became my "clean plate" to which I then added the second file, which was the digital surface model created with 0.5 meter filter - which contains the vegetation and buildings.

Each of these files were then exported from Global Mapper as .asc's, and imported into DEM Earth objects inside C4D, and mapped using a Bing API.

The digital surface model was scrubbed to remove the bridge and duplicate polygons covering the ocean area. I created a simple bridge model to replace the deleted polygons and used set selections to texture the bridge.

The Bing map was Photoshopped to remove the image of the bridge, the bridge shadow, and to clone in "clean" texture where the bridge used to be. Otherwise, the Bing image is "stock."

I also added some cars from the set of objects that ship with C4D.

The result is a landscape that does a better job of controlling the range of vegetation sizes, and also has more definition and control over the buildings.

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