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The first in the series of 5 one-minute videos. The types of trips Azra has to offer. Shot in June and September by myself and Jason Brown (Black Market Films).

Produced By Matt Fahey DBR Productions/Faheyfoto. Edited By Hugh Jorgen. Camera: Jason Michael Brown, Matt Fahey, Dustin Farrenkopf. Time Lapse Camera/Stills: Matt Fahey. Sound: Matt Fahey. Script: Alex Thevenin and Kim Lucy. Voiceover: Laura Fallon. Music: Dvořák "New World Symphony" Performed by: Steve Bryant...Violin, Adrianna Hulscher...Violin, Neil Miskey...Viola, Walter Gray...Cello.

Thanks are in order to Alex and Fred Thevenin and Kim Lucy who worked closely with me and developed the body of each piece, to the guides who brought me coffee in bed, to the clientele who incorporated us in their vacation, and to the office staff for their help and patience. Biggest thanks would be to Jason Brown who volunteered for photo boat, ended up shooting most of the video, and infused every task, and the job in general, with his odd sense of humor, hard work, and sense of odd humor.

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