The video demonstrates some basic tools which help to expedite the creation of a variety of rigs. A few tools also assist in the setup and distribution of environment pieces. Since my rigs tend to vary beyond the core structure, most of the tools refrain from generating everything (2min 42sec).

1. Digit Control Builder (full finger control setup, specific and general),
2. Reverse Foot Control Builder (Rev Foot core setup),
3. Path Mounter (attach joints / objects to curves),
4. Dual FK Builder (rotate control using translate and rotate manipulation),
5. IKFK Core Builder (arms/legs IKFK),
6. Stretchy Joint Builder (2 multiplyDivide nodes and a distanceDimension drive the stretch; no conditionals )
7. Gooey Ribbon Maker (gooey deformation and manipulation)
8. Vari-Shader (Randomly assign shaders to any number of selected objects)
9. Path Builder (Replication and distribute selected objects along a curve)

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