Krakow is Nice! A short demo film featuring the G2 CF+ / CF+ R camera sliders from the EXTRALITE Slider family of Wood-Comp. Please support as in our KICKSTARTER campaign by your pledge and please share our project with your friends and family. Thank you!

What is Wood-Comp EXTRALITE G2 CF+ and CF+ R? well, it is a new camera slider which is actually the heavy duty version from the EXTRALITE G2 slider family. Similarly to the other members of the EXTRALITE slider family, extremely light, perhaps the lightest slider in the World! It is also very versatile as the R version is including a very special design feature. It has a special mechanical solution for auto tracking a subject or your talent in any part of the frame during the sliding move. This auto rotating feature truly elevating this slider above all its competition. It very easy to set up. Just set the first and last key-frame of your sliding shot and you all ready to go.
An other very important highlight of the CF+ which is for all EXTRALITE G2 sliders, the fact that it has a magnetic side support. This simple yet effective accessory makes the slider possible to use in a Single tripod mounted configuration while it's stay perfectly rigid, even when your camera is reaching to the ends of the slider during the operation! Its simple, yet powerful and solves to problem of a wobbly set up! This Magnetic side-Support also available for 3rd party branded camera sliders, so you can stabilise your shots which ever brand you have.

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Few words about the making of this short demo film... Being in Krakow, understandably you wanna visit the Old Town of the City to get some amazing street-scapes, wonderful buildings and it's nice people! It is really nice at all times, but particularly nice now as the summer starts! So, I just grabbed my Panasonic GM1 with it's kit lens (12-32) and a Canon FD 28mm f2.8. an ND filter and of course one of my prototype EXTRALITE G2 CF+R. It is the reinforced version of the slider family. I could of take the "Classic" or even the "Mini" as I was shooting with such a small camera. but this one is the short version and as I knew that at some places there is a LOOOTS of people I thought it will be just more practical. I also took one of my Manfrotto tripod so I can do all different variety of shots, as a stand alone slider or on the top of the tripod for flexible camera positions all the way up to angle or vertical moves..

My neighbour Adam, and some of his friends joined, which was fun! Adam was kind enough to shoot some BTS on his Canon 700D which will be used in my KICKSTARTER introduction video. Huge thanks for that Adam! ;) Also, big, big thanks for Koo Ti, Adam's friend who was so kind to model in a few shots! Thanks Koo Ti! :)

I also have to mention one more name. Imad Fares a huge guitar artist from Algeria, who was so kind and let me record one of his song right at the Old Town while he was playing. You can also see Imad in this video at a few times playing his guitar. A wonderful man! Thanks so much Imad! In case you enjoy guitar music, you can visit Imad's FaceBook page here:

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