A 60 Second video describing the benefits of Small Business Owners using The NOLA Guide.

Are you looking for an affordable way to promote your business? Have you been trying to use Facebook and Twitter to accomplish this? We often hear that social media is the best way to go, but we find ourselves competing with every day people about every topic under the sun, and it takes a lot of hard work.

What if I told you that you could take that same hard work and promote your business on a different network? The NolaGuide.com is a site solely dedicated to small business owners in the New Orleans metro area, and everything you post concerning your business has an easy access button to still connect with Facebook and Twitter. Basically, you keep doing what you're doing, just do it on TheNOLAGuide.com and TheNOLAGuide.com will do the rest. And remember, those coming to our site are coming to do business; rather than just social life.

We only charge an affordable $10 monthly fee that will gain your business and all its details much needed exposure.

You can also become one of the 1,000 STRONG and test drive TheNOLAGuide.com for an entire year buy purchasing the minimum package and putting in promo code: 1,000 STRONG.

The NOLA Guide... making small businesses BIGGER EVERYDAY!

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