Culture Track is the largest national tracking study focused exclusively on the ever-changing attitudes and behaviors of U.S. cultural consumers.

Developed by LaPlaca Cohen and fielded six times since 2001, Culture Track is the product of over a decade of research and dedication to producing a current, highly-actionable resource for the leading cultural organizations across the nation.


The 2014 edition of Culture Track arrives at a pivotal moment for cultural organizations nationwide. Audience behaviors and expectations are changing rapidly, driven by ever-multiplying and diversifying options for spending leisure time, and by technological developments that are fundamentally altering the way we interface with our world.

In recognition of this unique moment, LaPlaca Cohen is continuing its commitment to and history of ongoing innovation by extending the boundaries of Culture Track 2014 in scope and focus. This year’s Culture Track, in partnership with Campbell Rinker, delves deeper than ever before into not only the “WHO?” of cultural participation—but also the “HOW?” and the “WHY?” Even more so in 2014, Culture Track is blurring the boundaries between qualitative and quantitative analysis, adding a layer of interpretation and analysis that can push research into substantive action.


Culture Track 2014 was presented on Monday, April 28, 2014 at The TimesCenter.

The discussion was hosted by The New York Times.

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