video shot and edited by: George Forste

2014 idgf underground

band members:
Evan Ullman - Screams at people or things
Alec Ullman - Hits people or things with sticks
Brad Burns - Plays with Strings
Chris Brumer - Ties strings in knots
Nathan Bruce - Unties the strings
Bobby Ullman - Still trying to figure out what strings are

Founded by brothers Evan and Alec Ullman (respectively vocals and drums) alongside guitarist Brad Burns, Big Tobacco Company has become an increasingly powerful force, gaining hundreds of thousands of online song plays within weeks of their initial launch in 2012.

Evan, Alec and Brad started playing and working on original music in 2011. Shortly after they started playing together, they then teamed up with one of Evan's friends from high school, Chris Brummer, to play bass for the budding band.

Before releasing their first six professionally mastered demos in 2012, their guitarist, Brucey, had met Evan in high school and became friends. Brucey's former band mate Chris turned Brucey onto this new and interesting project started by three local kids. After graduating high school and being fed up with past projects failed by lack of musical drive by other band members, Brucey joined BTC as another guitarist and handles the production role for the band.

The band gained its sixth member, Bobby, who had jammed with the band several times prior. With him he brought forth his business prowess, musical education, and experience in the touring world to the table.

This six-piece constantly evolves in sound and diversity as the overplayed idea of trying to be the heaviest and fastest has been thrown out the window and substituted by the ideology of making music for music’s sake while simultaneously making a comfortably unsettling experience for their live audience, keeping awake a musical genre that has arguably been asleep for years.

A full-length debut album is currently a work in progress for the band, and is supposed to be released worldwide at an undisclosed time in 2014.

source: facebook

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