It's not all black 'n white.
Pictures come from old film cameras, webcams and smartphones.
The morphing part covers up to 30 years old (early 2012), but most of it is up to 20 (i have almost no pictures of my 20s at all, and this actually is one of the reasons that pushed me put this video together), and almost all are scanned film photographs (non digital).
Pictures after the morphing part cover my 30s (last 2 years), and are all digital photographs.
Last 2 pictures are from the same day this video was uploaded.

This video is an attempt to represent an abstract of my whole life up to present in a more creative way as possible, and none the less to save pictures of myself (sort of a backup).

- Music
Intro: Billie Holiday - It Had To Be You.
Main: Stefan Biniak - The Read All About It Bootleg.

Thanks for watching.

I'm a 5'5" mixed european (half british half italian) targeted individual (
Skype ID: benjamintravian

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