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Decided to take our new GH4s for a spin around our base of operations, Savannah, Georgia. A quick, unscientific, real-world test with skin tones, detail, natural contrast, complex patterns, motion, and more. The GH4s performed exceptionally well on all counts.

Location(s): Savannah, Georgia, United States
Recording date(s): May 4, 2014
Cinematography: Devin Olson
Cameras: Panasonic GH4s
Picture profile: Cinelike D: Contrast -5, Sharpness -5, Highlight Shadows: Highlights -2, Shadows +2
Lenses: Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8 / Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 / Panasonic 100-300 f/4-5.6 / Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 / Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95 (all w/ polarizers)
Rigging: Glidecam 1000 HD
Editing: Devin Olson
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13
Soundtrack: Kevin MacLeod
Resolution: 4096x2160p
Framerate: 24fps
Export bitrate: 100mbit/s

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