This is part 2 of the first episode of The State of John Anderson: A TV Reality Show. John has photographed the great outdoors for almost 40 years. Now he has Parkinson's Disease, which is not uncommon amongst photographers who have done a great deal of wet work, as John did.

I'll be quite honest with you. John's condition is changing, not for the better. Financially, fighting Parkinson's has been absolutely devastating for him. Because I know and understand what he's going through, I am making this tv series about him.

But I am one man with a few SD camcorders and a moderate understanding of Final Cut Pro. John is brilliant. He's creative. He's inspirational. Frankly, I love this guy for how his brain works. Losing him is going to be a significant lose to anyone who loves the outdoors, the beauty of nature, a clear clean glass of water, a beautiful sunrise, or sunset.

So this is what I'm doing to help him. If you would like to feel the joy of helping a worthy person, please email us at

Thank you.

Mark Corliss

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