by Leif Estrada, MDesS-ULE | MLA I AP 2016 candidate

Produced for:

ADV-9133 | Urban Theory Lab: Extreme Territories | Neil Brenner, PhD - Professor or Urban Theory | Harvard University Graduate School of Design | Spring 2014

[ABSTRACT] Uneven Development of the Amazon

Prior to the twenty-first century, the governance of the Amazon relied fractionally dependent on the respective nations it falls under based on jurisdictional borders, which was not productive as an economic generator, despite the implementation of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) as each individual nation was still self-reliant in the implementation of needed infrastructural projects.

The creation of the regional infrastructural project of IIRSA, did not only resuscitate the economy of Latin America, particularly of the Amazonian nations (ACTO) at the turn of the millennium but also served as a catalyst for regulatory transformation of the processes of resource extraction towards the facilitation of a neoliberal agenda of urbanization, both concentrated and extended, with the formation of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

However, as much as the aspiration may seem to be towards complete planetary urbanization, the projective infrastructural connectivity that would link the Atlantic and the Pacific to further facilitate international trade—extraction and distribution—are already causing uneven development in the Amazon due to the regulatory shifts in power brought upon by the partnerships of the Amazonian governing bodies and private financial corporations. These partnerships are causing marginalization across the landscape caused by resource extraction (performed by private corporations that have been approved by the government, in exchange for financial support in the creation of such regional project), which exhaustively degrades the ecology in turn causing dispossession of landownership, most specifically of the native indigenous population. In turn these project implementations causes violent reactions from marginalized groups furthering the uneven development of the Amazon.

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