"Music" "Video"
by John Frosst, Ben Jacques and the Arbour Lake Sghool.

In 2005 we were asked to make a video for a local band's CD.
This is not what they asked for.
The does not relate because it's the name of the CD. And also the title is the names of the songs on the CD.

The CD is called Skyo Tea Epic and the band is Venus and Fergus
The band members are Kincaid Chan, Tyler Chan, Brian Milne and Ross Milne

Camera: Scott Rogers, Ben Jacques, John Frosst
Set Design & Costume Design: John Frosst, Andrew Frosst, Ben Jacques, Justin Patterson, Scott Rogers
Actors: John Bride, Andrew Frosst, John Frosst, Monika Kuczaj, others that we've forgotten
Animations: Ben Jacques
Editing: John Frosst

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