I had the fortune of filming this little documentary last year in sweden.

Unfortunately a lot of the material is banned as of yet in the EU, Asia and America, so this is just the censored version, though my lawyers are working on this problem.

It's the first part of a series of documentaries covering the making of process of two very extrem independent filmmakers from germany.

Unfortunately I couldn't use much of the footage, but I still hope the final product gives a hint at the process of these two mad geniuses. I owe them a lot.

filmed on an old 16mm arri with kodak film.

music - Vivaldi - Summer, Mozart - Lacrimosa, Peabody Conservatory - Carmina Burana

all rights lie by the owners of the music, this is just a noncommercial piece. They wouldn't have it any other way.

Special thanks to:

Glars and Domilicht, Lexi Rox, Zita Burkovaka, Pedriano Pedriano, Horst Taufleisch, Marlene, the redhead, and so many more, for letting me make this film.

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