By 2020 the number of connected devices will hit 24B; the number of apps that they will run and the amount of data they will consume and generate will multiply by 5; and $210B will be spent on cloud services.

Sound scary? These data points will change our lives. At any given time, any person and any device, including cars, coffee makers and refrigerators, will be connected. Business applications will span across devices, across processes and across each one of us.

In this reality, the performance and the functionality of applications will become even more business critical than they are today. In order to effectively test and deploy those applications, organizations will be required to leverage the cloud.

So if this is the new reality, we need to get ready. How will you ensure value is delivered in this reality? How will you ensure quality, agility, velocity and scalability for these next generation applications? What are the best processes to use in this reality to ensure that the ROI is achieved?

Join us for this session to understand this new reality of applications and how embracing the modern approach to Application Lifecycle Management will enable you and your organization to handle these challenges and win.

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