The CineRocKom 2013 Hollywood (October 17th, 18th, 19th 2013)
Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Films Screened: 69
Participating Countries: 31
Total Attendance: 1340
Awards Attendance: 303

Technical Information:
Cinema screen: 9x20 feet.
Sound: Stereo
Theater seats: 240
Theaters: 1

Gabriel Schmidt, Founder, Director, CEO (Argentina/USA)
Andrea Karpati, Co-Founding Director. (Hungary/USA)

Angela Calvert, Sponsor/Co-Producer/ Q&A (Australia/USA)
Alain Azoulay, Co-Producer/Sponsor. (USA)
Raxann Chin, Fashion Designer, Sponsor (Jamaica/USA)
Juneta Ozolina, Malibu Dolphins Ballet, Stage Producer (Latvia/USA)
Nadia Yanni, Manager.
Dianne Sposito, Manager.

CineRocKom 2013 Producers:
Gabriel Schmidt
David Niles White

Festival Manager:
Alex Wall

Ben Walters, Jurors Lead (Spain/ Hong Kong)
Kun Cheng, (Hong Kong)
Shan Husniati, (Singapore)
Pierre Dujardin, (France)
Claire Bachmeier, (Germany)
Bradley Shaw, (USA)
Steve Fox, (USA)
Hannah Ferguson (USA)
Elliot Carrington (Denmark/USA)
Johnny Ip (Taiwan)
Tim Chan (Australia)
Roberto Zanabria (Venezuela/England)
Claudia Perkins (Mexico/Canada)
Tamara Hu (South Africa/USA/Thailand)

Official Sponsors:
Swimming Wings Productions, Film production.
Angela Calvert, Films & Festival production.
Femheka, Fashion Design.
Azoulay Media, Media & Film Production.
Dianne Sposito, Festival Sponsor.
Reel2Real, Film Festival.
Lumavera, Spa & Skin Prod. Advance Stem Cell Technology.
My Beverly Hills / BloomNation Flowers
Malibu Dolphins Ballet
Ya Ya Wines.
A Stream in the Desert Productions
Balletmania. Teens & Adult fitness.
Kimberlee Mahnken, Sponsor.
Nadia Yanni, Sponsor.
Sophia Kjellin, Sponsor.
Dianne Sposito, Sponsor.

Gabriel Schmidt
Alain Azoulay
Angela Calvert
Andrea Karpati

Angela Calvert

Still Photography:
Jay Roberts
Emilly Goodman

Dan Bozymowski
Moonlight Video Productions.

Head of Security:
Keith Somers

Festival Production Assistants:
Andrea Summers
Hilary Wagner
Steve Whitmore
Nicole Spencer
Keith Balderston

Festival Production: (Volunteers)
Dianne Sposito, Films EP
Nadia Yanni, Films EP
Kimberlee Mahnken, Films EP
Margie Stemberg

Steve Whitmore
Alex Wall

Social Media:
Serena Mo

Special Guest VIP Concierge:
Andrea Summers

VIP Concierge:
Carmen Senoran

Live shows Performers:

* Emii.

* Midnight Coal Company:
Adam Stackpole, Patrick Tatten, Hunter Craig, Max Lobetta.

* Malibu Dolphins Ballet:
Juneta Ozolina, Raydel Caceres and the little ballerinas Marielle Mandeville, Coco Lupo, Frankie Lupo,Isabella Howe, Leah Isaacs and Megan Reidenbaugh.

* Helicopter Rounds: Cliff Wang, Jonathan Crisp, Kirk Burgamy, Ben Gilmore.

* Joel Virgel-Vierset/Kenny Lyon
* Max Amini.
* Marjana Lind.
* Patrick Nuo.
* DJ Mark Jackson.

We promote and encourage to continue:
- Malibu Dolphins Ballet.
- The Eracism Foundation.
- Jordanou Foundation.

International Affairs:
Gabriel Schmidt
Blake Kent
Angela Calvert
Jonas Lind

Logo Graphic Designer:
Andrew Matveyev

Venue Liaison:
Keith Balderston

Gabriel Schmidt, Creative Director.
Andrea Karpati, Director.
Karina Westburg (Marketing / Graphic Designer)
Jonas Lind, Marketing Coordinator.
Angela Calvert, Marketing Affairs.

Corporate Affairs:
Nicole Spencer

Legal Affairs:
Brad Shaw

Alegra Colbert

Festival Venue:
Beverly Hilton Hotel

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