'Red Beard - Red Beard', Gennevilliers-Paris. A duet for Kurosawa's film and live performers. The production addesses the question: how to reverse the cycle of hurt and victimization? Four casts of 10 performers, each performing simultaneously. Directed by John Malpede.
'La Llorona, Weeping Women of Echo Park', Los Angeles. The legend of La Llorona becomes the through line for relating the personal stories of the Latino women of Echo Park. Directed by Henriëtte Brouwers.
'My Eyes are the Cage in my Head', Box Gallery, depicts a tethered humanity in search of itself through desire and self-destructive relationships. Written and directed by Ron Allen.
'Agentes y Activos', Bolivia. Inacted text from a congressional hearing about drug trafficking into the US to support the Nicaraguan Contras in the 1980ties. LAPD's Bolivian tour with a combined cast of LAPD'ers and Bolivianos. Directed by John Malpede.

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