" I am made of long shadows and falling leaves. I am in every sigh and every breath. I am in every contraction and expansion. My hearts beats like the flapping of birds’ wings. I am bare feet and two souls and both heart and stone. I am burning fire and equal portions of joy and sorrow.
I am an outsider in my own land but I am loved and understood. I am the birth and death of love and the death and birth of love. I am a bird falling and I am a bird that finds flight. ”
- Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann

Concept, Director, Camera & Editing
Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann

Production Manager
Rodney Waruhiu

Young Wacera
Abigail Amani

Hana Kefela

Older Wacera

Young Ochieng
Kangethe Waruhiu

Jonah Ondieki

Patricia Kihoro

Daughter's Husband
Ian Maina

Colonial Police Officer
Peter Herrmann

Archive Material
Camera Pix


Matatizo - Just A Band

Special Thanks:
Guy Wilson
Anneke Osse
Just A Band
Jane Wacera Wagema Ndisi
Mo Film

Thirsty Fish © 2013

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