At first glance this group, the SSAC (Superintendent's Student Advisory Council) seems boilerplate. The Superintendent's Student Advisory Council is composed of elected representatives of High Schools in District 75 in New York City. The council meets monthly. The meetings are formal, following Robert's Rules of Order. Minutes are taken, policies and issues discussed.

At second glance this group emerges as remarkable. The students are all from District 75, the Special Education district within the New York City Department of Education. In our "neurotypical" culture this is unexpected. But in District 75 everything is expected of young people who step up to advocate for themselves and their peers, who are not afraid to voice opinions that others might dismiss.

In this video the students have gathered to speak of, and show, what art means to them. This is in the face of a tremendous economic and educational disincentive to continue art programs in schools. The well-put, nuanced, and sensitive opinions are the strongest argument for the expansion of art programs.

Listen. All you will hear are student voices, and they are powerful.

Susan Abdulezer
Video Producer
District 75 New York City Department of Education

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