00:05 - 00:28 // An interactive art project made with 4 other people. I was in charge of head tracking, delaunay triangulation and kinect. The whole video can be seen at this link vimeo.com/91692954
Created in C++, Qtcreator, NGL (NCCA Graphics Library) and OpenGL, OpenCV, OpenAL.

00:29 - 00:41 // A rigging toolbox done with python. This allows me to create rigs at a fast pace by only setting up joints to match character or creature. After joint setup you pick the rig system and it will create it for you. It is currently being used in a wip game.

00:42 - 00:55 // A flocking system made in 2nd year as programming assignment. Done in C++, Qtcreator, NGL (NCCA Graphics Library) and OpenGL.

Music : The Shanghai Restoration Project - Last Night of the Dynasty (Instrumental)

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