Good evening,
I am a poet,
am I?

I am a nobody,
I mean I have a body
but I am more
than just a body.

My name was given to me,
I did not choose it,
I cannot find myself in it,
I am not my name.

My features are withdrawn,
my skin colour indescribable,
my hair unmanageable,
you cannot label me,
even though you try,
but honestly I don’t know why.

I have no home,
I have no country,
even though I have 3 passports,
3 nationalities,
I never belonged,
I never sang those divisive songs.

I know I’m going to die,
someday, in some unsatisfactory way,
but I’m not here to die,
I don’t believe in a hereafter,
or some omnipotent being
telling me this is right and that’s wrong.

I believe…
in love, compassion,
empathy, justice and fairness,
giving it your all
giving it my best,
I believe in life.

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